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ProFund™ Partnering With Atlas

Atlas & ProFund™ Have Partnered to Bring AtlasPRO Contractors an Exclusive Offer

ProFund™ Contractors Increase Wins 30%

Earn the trust of your customers and win more business

Uncover insights into every buyer
…every property
…every interaction

And help homeowners make the best decisions for their home improvement projects

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Homeowner Insights

Understand how your customer makes buying decisions

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ProFund™ Property Report

A sales tool with talking points to drive customer engagement

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Simple Financing

No loan codes with easy to use, mobile-friendly technology

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Stop Wasting Time and Money on Invalid Leads

ProFund's Lead Quality Score instantly validates a lead helping eliminate unnecessary visits and optimize marketing spend

Save time & money: Focus on qualified leads and close more deals
Increase efficiency: Salespeople spend more time on promising opportunities
Optimize marketing spend: Request refunds for invalid leads and ensure your marketing budget goes further
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Maximize Revenue with ProFund’s Smart Lead Technology

Get the most out of your leads by prioritizing them based on their win potential and value. With ProFund, you can:

Prioritize Leads: Identify the most promising leads, ensuring resources are directed towards high-potential opportunities
Optimize Salesperson Assignments: Match leads to the most suitable salespeople based on expertise and past performance, maximizing conversion rates
Streamline Sales Process: Make informed scheduling and prioritization decisions, boosting productivity and closing more deals
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Automate Appointment Nurturing and Track Outcomes for Sales Success

ProFund's Appointment Automation streamlines lead nurturing with automated email and text communications, while our "win/loss" tracking provides sales and performance insights

Streamlined Nurturing: Engage homeowners automatically, building stronger relationships and increasing conversions
Enhanced Conversion Rates: Proactive communication keeps homeowners engaged and informed, significantly improving appointment completions and deal closing
Comprehensive Sales Insights: Combine with “win/loss” tracking for valuable performance insights, enabling data-driven decision making
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Homeowner Insights

Understand how your prospective customer makes buying decisions and much more

Instant validation of address, ownership and type of property
Customer scored across seven buying styles with closing tips
ProFund™ “Upsell” score
Computer view of roof condition using aerial images
And much more…
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Property Report

Differentiate yourself from the competition with a comprehensive ProFund™ “Scouting Report” for every appointment

A customer-friendly “leave behind” to show pre-appointment preparation and drive talking points for better engagement
Local code to demonstrate your proposals meet or exceed requirements
Climate risk scores to drive conversation on product recommendations and upsells
Weather insights including hail and wind history to further drive engagement
And much more…
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Simplified, Next Generation Financing

We’ve removed the complexity and apprehension of traditional financing for contractors

Single point of access to multiple lenders
No rate sheets, payment factors and loan codes for the sales users
Eliminated need to know homeowner’s financial situation and motivation
One-click application with instant decision
And much more…
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