Why ProFund™

Our platform is an essential closing tool that combines market intelligence and integrated access to multiple lenders from a single app so you may close more opportunities and keep more of the proceeds.

The ProFund app in mobile and tablet view
Contractor creating invoice
Contractor shaking customers hand

Why we built this

ProFund™ was built to simplify point of need financing for the professional contractor. We’ve eliminated the complexity found in current alternatives. Now you may more easily introduce financing to prospective customers.

Contractor installing residential roofing materials
Aerial view of contractors installing residential roofing materials
Contractors installing residential roofing materials

Sponsored Access

Access to ProFund™ requires sponsorship from one of our participating suppliers. Sponsorship means you benefit from negotiated lender fees, reduced or zero processing fees and same day funding.

Participating Suppliers

We've got you covered with our national network of participating suppliers.

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Map of the United States showing the national network of suppliers